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FLIR Reporter 8.5 SP2 Professional Software

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FLIR Reporter 8.5 software makes it simple to create unique and custom thermal imaging reports.

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FLIR Reporter Thermal Software Laptop

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FLIR Reporter 8.5 Software

FLIR Reporter 8.5 software is ideal for creating compelling thermal imaging reports which analyse and present data with ease. FLIR Reporter software makes it easy to build a professional report from the data gathered during your thermal inspections.

FLIR Reporter software contains a Professional Report Wizard, which guides you through the process of combining all of your thermal imaging data, such as images, annotation and temperature measurements, into a concise yet informative maintenance report. Key features include:

  • Flexible report design and layout
  • Drag-and-drop offers fast report building
  • Create reports in MS Office and PDF format
  • Trending functionality
  • Links with Google Maps for use with GPS functionality
  • Panoramic image creation
  • Create custom formulas including measurement values from images
  • Compatible with Office 2003, 2007 and 2010, and Windows 7.

Reporter 8.5 is a powerful version of FLIR software that makes creating inspection and maintenance reports incredibly simple. Use pre-defined report templates to save time, whilst a new report can be created and customised effortlessly. FLIR Reporter 8.5 software is also fully compatible with MS Word, making adding and editing images and text easy.


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  • GPS Compatibility


Technical Specification

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