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FLIR Scout II 640 Wildlife/Hunting Thermal Camera


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There's no hiding from the FLIR Scout II 640 - an extremely effective wildlife observation tool from FLIR.

Much more effective than traditional night vision equipment, the Scout II 640 uses thermal technology to detect and display the body heat given off by animals in outdoor conditions. It can piece through complete darkness, sparse foliage and even the weather to detect heat, with effective measurement range of up to 1140m (for a man-sized target, depending on conditions).

The Scout II 640 is the upgraded version of the FLIR Scout II 320. This camera features a drastically improved thermal detector for higher resolution images (640 x 512 pixels), a wider field of view, larger range and a 4x zoom function to get in closer to whatever animal you're looking at.

An ideal tool for use by both wildlife enthusiasts and professional hunters, this camera is lightweight, rugged and designed for use in outdoor conditions.

FLIR Scout II 640 Thermal Camera Key Features

  • Purpose-built for wildlife enthusiasts and professional hunters - spot and track animals, recover downed game and much more
  • Excellent thermal resolution of 640 x 512 pixels improves image clarity (significantly improved compared to the FLIR Scout II 320)
  • See through the dark, through poor weather conditions and even through foliage to detect animal body heat
  • Effective range of 1248 yards (1140m) - for man-sized targets
  • Lightweight, portable design - so small, it fits in the palm of your hand
  • Weather-tight design with IP67 protection for use in outdoor conditions
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable use
  • 2x and 4x zoom functions
  • Switch between different colour palettes: Black hot, white hot and InstAlert
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Integrated LED tasklight
  • NTSC composite video output (switchable to PAL w/GUI)
  • Internal lithium ion rechargeable battery with life of more than 5 hours

What's Included?

  • FLIR Scout II 640 Thermal Camera
  • USB Power Adapter and Charger
  • Wrist Strap
  • Custom Video Out Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carrying Bag
Part Code431-0019-21-00S

FLIR Scout II 640 Technical Specifications

Scout II 240 Scout II 320Scout II 640
Detector Type 240 x 180 VOx microbolometer 336 x 256 VOx microbolometer 640 x 512 VOx microbolometer
Video Refresh Rate <9Hz NTSC
Field of View (H x V) 24 x 18° NTSC 17 x 13° NTSC
18 x 14" NTSC
Focal Length 13mm fixed focus 19mm fixed focus 35mm fixed focus
Startup <1/5 seconds
Waveband 7.5 to 13.5μm
Thermal Sensitivity <50mK @ f/1.0
Image Processing FLIR proprietary digital detail enhancement
User Interface  
Zoom Button Freeze frame
2x zoom
2x, 4x zoom
Black hot, white hot, InstAlert
Brightness Adjustable
Task Light LED enabled during power off state
System Specifications  
Display 640 x 480 LCD display
Video Output NTSC composite video (switchable to PAL w/GUI)
Image Polarity White hot/black hot/InstAlert
Battery Type Internal Li-Ion Cell
Battery Life (Operating) >5 hours
Rating IP67, submersible
Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C) 
Storage Temperature -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C  
Drop Test 1m
Weight (Including Lens) 12oz (340g)
Size (L x W x H) 6.70" x 2.31" x 2.44"
Range Performance Detects man-shaped target up to 383 yards (350m)
Detects man-shaped target up to 600 yards (550m) Detect man-shaped target up to 1248 yards away (1140m)
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