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Fluke Ti125 Thermal Detection Camera

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The Fluke TiR125 has been developed by Fluke to be used in a wide variety of applications within the industrial and commercial sectors, allowing you to work on a number of different thermal imaging jobs at higher speed for added efficiency.

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Fluke Ti125 Infrared Camera Front Right

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Perfect for use by those working in the industrial, engineering, HVAC, energy and a wide variety of other sectors, the Fluke Ti125 Thermal Imaging Camera combines Fluke's market-leading innovative technology with a sleek, easy-to-use device that allows you to complete your job to a higher standard.

Like all thermal imaging cameras, the Fluke Ti125 allows you to essential see where the human eye could not. A veterinarian, for example, may find great use in the device for checking animals internally for bone damage or other irregularities without having to do invasive surgery. Firefighters can also find great use in a thermal imaging camera for detecting body/flame heat and assessing areas for safety. The devices can also be used in other sectors such as building work for assessing the level of damage in a building and whether it is safe to build upon.

The fact that the Fluke Ti125 can work in all these environments shows just how versatile this piece of testing equipment truly is and here at Tester we firmly believe that you can find a use for a thermal imaging camera in practically any work situation. Whether you're an electrician wanting to see faulty wires or need to use it within the heating industry to detect irregular heat patterns there's bound to be a use for a thermal imaging camera in your library of test equipment.

Fluke Ti125 Applications

The Fluke Ti125 thermal imaging camera is ideally suited for predictive and preventative maintenance professionals, as well as being used for a range of troubleshooting and fault finding purposes by industrial or engineering technicians, HVAC technicians, energy auditors and other maintenance professionals.

The Fluke Ti125 thermal imaging camera is best suited to use within commercial and industrial sectors. Among its many thermal imaging applications are:

  • Industrial plants (manufacturing, process, petrochemical, etc)
  • Commercial buildings and facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Electrical, water, and natural gas utilities
  • Residential dwellings

Fluke Ti125 Features

The Fluke Ti125 features a host of new capabilities which are new to Fluke’s infrared camera range:

IR-OptiFlex™ focus system

Discover issues significantly faster with Fluke’s revolutionary, ultra-rugged focus system. The IR-OptiFlex focus system gives you optimum focus by combining focus-free ease-of-use with the flexibility of manual focus on the same camera.

IR-Fusion® technology

Enjoy the industry’s best point-and-shoot IR-Fusion camera. Fluke patented
technology blends digital and infrared images into a single image to precisely
document problem areas.

Rugged one-hand operation

Experience the most rugged and reliable, lightweight professional camera around. One-touch focus, laser pointer, and torch. Point-and-shoot simplicity. No one builds more rugged, ergonomic tools than Fluke.

Multi-mode video recording

Troubleshoot with the industry’s only thermal imager that records focus-free video invisible light and infrared with full IR-Fusion capabilities. Monitor processes over time, easily create infrared video reports, and troubleshoot.

IR-PhotoNotes™ annotation system

Get an exact reference to your problem area by capturing up to three digital photos per file. Add images of equipment, motor nameplates, workroom doors or any other useful or critical information.

Electronic compass

Make sure you and others know the location of the problem. Compass readings easily appear in images and reports.

Included Accessories

The Fluke Ti125 comes complete with a number of accessories which will aid your thermography work and make things simple for you. The Fluke Ti125 accessories are:

  • SmartView® analysis and reporting software
  • 2 GB SD memory card
  • USB connection cable for image transfer to PC
  • Multi-function card reader for downloading images into your computer
  • 3m USB cable for streaming video to PC
  • Hand strap, for right or left-handed use
  • 2 x Lithium-Ion removable and rechargeable smart batteries
  • AC charger/power supply with mains adapters for battery charging and AC operation
  • Two-bay external battery charger
  • Printed Users Manuals (5 languages, additional languages available upon request)
  • Electronic Users Manuals on CD (16 languages)
  • Soft case with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Rugged Fluke hard transport and storage case

Optional Accessories

There are also selected optional accessories which can be added to the Fluke Ti125 to make carrying out infrared camera work even easier:

  • Thermal Imager Car Charger
  • Additional Smart Battery
  • Additional Smart Battery Charger
  • Thermal Imager Visor
  • Tripod Mounting Accessory

Need more information? Find it in the full technical specification and reviews.

  • Select Lens

    24° Lens

  • Annotations

    Annotations are available on this thermal camera. Please check the full thermal camera specification for whether text, sketch and/or voice annotations are available.

  • Digital Camera

    As well as a thermal image the Fluke Ti125 Thermal Detection Camera can take a digital image. This helps when creating reports to show exactly where the problem area is and what it looks like.

  • IR Resolution

    The Fluke Ti125 Thermal Detection Camera image resolution is 160 x 120 pixels. Every additional pixel means more valuable temperature information to isolate problem areas

  • Laser Pointer

    See exactly where you are taking your temperature reading from with a laser pointer.

  • Sensitivity

    The Fluke Ti125 Thermal Detection Camera has a thermal sensitivity of 100mK NETD. A lower mK value means a more accurate thermal camera.

  • Software Included

    Software is included for reporting functionality.

  • Temp. Accuracy

    The Fluke Ti125 Thermal Detection Camera can detect between -/+ 2% of the actual temperature.

  • Temperature Range

    This infrared camera has an accuracy of -20°C to +350°C. Electrical use thermal cameras tend to have the widest temperature range as they deal with the highest temperatures.

  • Video

    Video streaming/recording is available on this camera. Please check the full Fluke Ti125 Thermal Detection Camera specification for what type of video recording/streaming is available.

  • Free Training


Technical Specification

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