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Guide Thermal Camera FireFitIR HD32

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The Guide HD32 is similar to the HD11, but comes with a higher thermal resolution for seeing vital information in smoke filled environments.

Guide FireFit IR HD32 Infrared Camera Side

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Thermal resolution is everything when faced with poor visibility and the Guide FireFitIR HD32 gives you clear and precise images. The accurate temperature measurement means that locating the source of the fire is much easier, saving valuable time and increasing the chances of finding missing persons.

The wireless video transmission (optional) feeds back vital information to the command centre, meaning authorised decisions can then be made. The firefighting thermal imaging camera comes equipped with the capture and storage function, allowing post analysis and reporting to take place.

Guide Thermal Handheld Camera Uses:

  • Search and rescue operations
  • Situational fire fighting
  • Routine fire prevention and inspection

Features of the Fire Fighting Infrared Camera:

  • Ultra high resolution detector ensures the best image quality to present any possible survivals.
  • With super rod hot technology, firefighters can effectively be alerted by the areas of intense heat and identify the spread of the fire.
  • Casing by Ultem Thermalplastic enclosure, the HD32 thermal camera is most durable in firefighting use.
  • Accurate temperature measurement help locate the fire source efficiently.
  • Wireless transmission (optional)

Need more information? Find it in the full technical specification and reviews.

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  • Select Lens

    24° Lens

  • Sensitivity

    The Guide Thermal Camera FireFitIR HD32 has a thermal sensitivity of 30mK NETD. A lower mK value means a more accurate thermal camera.

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Technical Specification

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