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Guide FireFitIR HT11 Helmet Mounted Camera

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The Guide HT11 is a helmet mounted camera designed for fire fighters. Cut through the smoke to see essential information.

Guide FireFitIR HT11 IR Camera Side

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Light weight and easy to operate, the Guide FireFitIR HT11 fire fighting helmet mounted thermal imaging camera acts as a third eye for fire fighters. It sets the hands free, and offers clear and crisp thermal images for the fire fighter enabling them to see through clouds of smoke. This fire fighting thermal camera helps speed up rescues where time is of the essence and improves efficiency ensuring personal safety.

Guide Thermal Helmet Cameras are great for

  • Search and rescue operations
  • Situational fire fighting
  • Routine fire prevention and inspection

Features of the Fire Fighting Infrared Camera

  • Advanced helmet mounted design allow you to keep both hands free, essential in rescue situations.
  • Featured unique chucking design, the HT11 Thermal Camera is available to be mounted on all popular fire helmets.
  • Accurate temperature measurement to help locate the fire source efficientl
  • At the touch of one button you are instantly provided with a clear thermal view of your environment allowing you to increase your search ability seeing through smoke to identify victims.
  • With super red hot technology, fire fighters can effectively be alerted by the areas of intense heat and identify the spread of fire.

Need more information? Find it in the full technical specification and reviews.

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  • Select Lens

    24° Lens

  • Sensitivity

    The Guide FireFitIR HT11 Helmet Mounted Camera has a thermal sensitivity of 30mK NETD. A lower mK value means a more accurate thermal camera.

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Technical Specification

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