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About Guide Infrared Cameras

Guide Infrared's range is suitable for a wide range of thermography work. A relative newcomer to the marketplace, Guide offer a number of thermal imaging solutions for many applications.

Guide was founded in China, in an area labelled Optics Valley – an ideal place for developing infrared cameras. In their short history, they have developed a reputation for good quality cameras for a wide number of applications.

Guide infrared cameras are commonly used in thermography, providing thermal inspection solutions in almost all industries for predictive and preventative maintenance, buildings diagnostics and more.

Guide infrared cameras are also used in security systems, integrating easily into existing security networks for heightened detection. They are also used in fire fighting, providing vision to search and rescue operations.

As such, these units are hardy and robust, offering high quality thermal imaging which is built to endure tough environments. They are well-equipped to handle the rigours of more demanding situations such as applications in maritime operations, law enforcement, border security and coastal surveillance.

Guide are establishing a reputation for reliable and high-quality thermal imaging cameras, and are definitely worth considering alongside more well-known brands.

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