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About Opgal Thermal Cameras 

Formed in 1983 and with offices in the USA, India, and Israel, Opgal is a global provider of medium- and long-wave thermal camera solutions specifically designed for security, defence, industrial, and aviation sectors.

Opgal’s thermal cameras feature state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology and can detect minute levels of energy providing a detailed thermal picture thereby minimising false alarms.  Their security cameras are used by airports, border police, safe city programs, and industrial sites to monitor areas continuously for security threats, including in visibly challenging or completely dark conditions. In addition to this, Opgal was the first to provide an FAA-approved landing assist and situational awareness system for use in the avionic industry and the first gas leak detection thermal cameras suitable for use in sensitive and hazardous locations. These cameras meet both American and European standards (ATEX, CSA, UL).

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