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Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera – Choice of Lenses

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Optimised for professional industrial and building thermography, the Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera is available with a choice of standard and telephoto lenses. Please see the table below for more information.

SKU Title Lenses Notes
05630890X1 Testo 890 & 1x Lens Your Choice of 42° Standard Lens OR 25° Standard Lens OR 15° Telephoto Lens  Please contact our sales team to specify your lens. 
05630890X2 Testo 890 & 42° +15° Lenses 42° Standard Lens AND 15° Telephoto Lens -
05630890X3 Testo 890 & 42° + 25° + 15° Lenses 42° Standard Lens AND 25° Standard Lens AND 15° Telephoto Lens  -



The lenses listed in the table above can be used interchangeably with the Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera. They adapt the camera for various applications:

  • 42° x 32° Standard Lens: provides a large field-of-view making the Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera ideal for inspecting closer objects
  • 25° x 19° Standard Lens: ideal for preventative maintenance applications
  • 15° x 11° Telephoto Lens: capture clear images of objects at a medium or long distance from the Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera

Furthermore, the Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera’s auto-focus ensures that it is always able to capture sharp images. This function also facilitates one-handed operation of the camera. The Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera has a minimum focus distance of 10cm.

Thermal Imaging

A thermal resolution of 640 x 480px provides 307 200 measurement points. Inclusion of SuperResolution technology means the Testo 890’s thermal resolution can be increased to 1280 x 960px. Moreover, the Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera has a thermal sensitivity of <40mK which enables detection and visualisation of small temperature differences.

Thermal images can be saved as JPEGs to the Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera’s SD card. Voice annotations can be added to these images using the supplied headset. Additionally, digital images, captured using the Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera’s integrated visual-light camera with power LEDs, can be saved with thermal images to improve the ease of documentation and assignment.

The Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera’s SiteRecognition technology also improves the ease of documentation: it instantly recognises locations and automatically assigns and archives footage according to the identified place.

Testo IR Soft Professional Software

Saved footage can be downloaded to a PC for analysis using Testo’s IR Soft Professional Software (free download). Using this software, thermographers can do the following:

  • Correct emissivity
  • Set an unlimited number of measurement points
  • Identify hot and cold spots
  • Add written notes
  • Highlight areas that exceed permissible limits
  • Create reports

Imaging & Measurement Functions

The Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera also features the following imaging and measurement functions:

  • Panorama Image Assistant: images are combined into a panoramic picture enabling entire buildings to be inspected quickly as individual images do not have to be compared or compiled.
  • Mould Measuring mode: the ambient temperature and humidity are manually entered into the Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera to calculate dewpoint; the surface temperature, measured by the Testo 890, is compared to this value to determine the risk of mould which is indicated using a traffic light system; an OPTIONAL radio humidity probe can be used to transfer ambient temperature and humidity readings to the Testo 890 automatically.


In addition to the above, the Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera can be purchased with the following OPTIONAL features, functions and packages:

  • FeverDetection function: identify individuals with elevated skin temperature
  • High-temperature measurement: extends the temperature measurement range up to 1200°C
  • Process Analysis Package: record radiometric thermal footage to a PC at 33Hz and log data for up to three points of the image; please see the videos below for further information


The Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera’s camcorder design with a wrist strap and rotatable, fold-out display facilitates single-handed operation and a wide range of camera angles.

The Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera is a simple-to-use, adaptable and practical infrared imager with a high thermal resolution. It is ideal for a range of electrical, mechanical, building, and industrial applications.


Applications/ Uses  Preventative maintenance 
Electrical maintenance 
Mechanical maintenance 
Detect structural defects
Analyse building shells
Prevent mould
Check heating systems and installations
Localise pipe ruptures
Locate leaks
Quality assurance
Production monitoring 
Safe high-temperature measurement 
Research and development 
Precise visualization of critical temperatures on circuit boards
Carry out detailed energy consultancy
Analyse energy distribution systems

Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera Key Features

  • An infrared-imaging camera designed for professional industrial and building thermography
  • Available with a choice of standard and telephoto lenses: 42° standard, 25° standard and 15° telephoto lenses
  • Lenses are interchangeable
  • Auto-focus
  • Minimum focus distance: 10cm
  • IR resolution: 640 x 480px
  • 307 200 measurement points
  • SuperResolution technology increases the resolution to 1280 x 890px
  • Save thermal images as JPEGs
  • SD memory card
  • Record voice annotations using the supplied headset
  • Integrated digital camera with power LEDs
  • Capture well-lit visible-light images to be saved alongside thermal images
  • SiteRecognition technology: recognises locations and automatically assigns and archives footage captured at the location
  • Analyse thermal data and create reports using Testo’s IR Soft Professional Software (free download)
  • Panorama Image Assistant function
  • Mould Measuring mode with traffic light (red, yellow, green) indication
  • OPTIONAL radio humidity probe
  • OPTIONAL FeverDetection function
  • OPTIONAL high-temperature measurement up to 1200°C
  • OPTIONAL Process Analysis Package
  • Camcorder design with wrist strap and rotatable, fold-out display
  • Ergonomic design facilitates one-handed operation and a wide range of camera angles
  • A versatile, practical and reliable high-resolution thermal imager
  • Suitable for an array of electrical, building and industrial applications

What’s Included?

  • Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Your Choice of Lens/ Lenses
  • Robust Transport Case
  • Testo IRSoft Professional Software (free download)
  • SD Card
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Strap
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Mains Unit
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Part Code

Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera Technical Specifications 

Infrared image output
Infrared resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Focus auto / manual
Image refresh rate 33 Hz
SuperResolution (IFOV) 0.71 mrad (Standard lens), 0.43 mrad (25° lens), 0.26 mrad (Telephoto lens), 0.11 mrad (Supertele)
SuperResolution (Pixel) 1280 x 960 pixels
Geometric resolution (IFOV) 1.13 mrad (Standard lens), 0.68 mrad (25° lens), 0.42 (Telephoto lens), 0.18 (Supertele)
Minimum focus distance 0.1 m (Standard lens), 0.2 m (25° lens), 0.5 m (Telephoto lens), 2 m (Supertele)
Field of view 42° x 32° (Standard lens), 25° x 19° (25° lens), 15° x 11° (Telephoto lens), 6.6° x 5° (Supertele)
Thermal sensitivity ˂ 40 mK at +30 °C
Spectral range 7.5 to 14 µm
Note *inside the EU, outside 9 Hz
Image Output Visual 
Image size 3.1 MP
Minimum focus distance 0.5 m
Image Presentation 
Display type 4.3" LCD touchscreen with 480 x 272 pixels
Digital zoom 1-; 3-fold
Display option IR image / real image
Colours 9 (iron, rainbow, rainbow HC, cold-hot, blue-red, grey, inverted grey, sepia, Testo)
Video output USB 2.0, Micro HDMI
Measuring range -30 to +100°C; 0 to +350 °C (switchable); 0 to +650 °C (switchable)
High temperature measuring +350 ... +1200 °C (not in connection with the telephoto lens)
Accuracy ±2 °C, ±2 % of m.v.
Emissivity 0.01; 1
Reflected temperature manual
Transmission correction Included
Accuracy high temperature ±2 °C, ±2 % of m.v.
Measurement Function 
Surface moisture distribution Included
Humidity measurement Optional
Solar mode – manual Included
Analysis function up to 10 measurement points, Hot/Cold Spot Recognition, up to 5 x area measurement (min/max & average), Isotherm and alarm values
Humidity measurement with humidity measuring instrument with radio humidity probe; (automatic measurement value transfer in real time)
Imager Equipment 
Digital camera Included
Process analysis package Optional
JPEG storage Included
Video measurement up to 3 measurement points
Voice recording Bluetooth****/wired headset
Laser Laser marker
Panorama image assistant Included
Power-LED Included
Standard lens 42° x 32°
Exchangeable lenses 25° x 19°; 15° x 11°; 6.6° x 5°
SiteRecognition Included
Interface Labview; free download from hompage; USB
Fever detection Optional
Note **** Bluetooth only in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Colombia, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, India, Australia
Imager Storage 
File format image .bmt; export option in .bmp; .jpg; .png; .csv; .xls
File format video .wmv; .mpeg-1; Testo format (fully radiometric video)
Storage device SD cart 2GB (approx. 1500 - 2000 images)
Power Supply 
Battery type Fast-charging, Li-ion battery can be changed on-site
Operating time 4.5 h
Charging options In instrument / charger (optional)
Mains operation yes
Ambient Condition
Air humidity 20 to 80 % RH non-condensing
Housing protection class IP54
Vibration 2G
Storage temperature -30 to +60 °C
Operating temperature -15 to +50 °C
Physical Specification 
Tripod mounting 1/4" - 20UNC
Product-/housing material ABS
Weight 1630 g
Dimensions 253 x 132 x 111 mm
PC Software
System requirements Windows® 10; Windows Vista; Windows® 7 (Service Pack 1); Windows® 8; Interface: USB 2.0
Standards, Tests, Warranty
EU-/EG-guidelines 2004/108/EG


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