Testo Thermal Imaging Cameras (10 Products)

About Testo Thermal Cameras

A longstanding focus on thermography has led to Testo becoming market leaders in thermal imaging, and their expertise in the field of has resulted in a highly accurate range which offers superb thermal imagery and ease of use.

Testo have been involved in developing heat measurement instruments since the 1950s when they created their first clinical thermometer. In 1989, Testo created a multi-function tester which measured temperature, relative humidity, air flow velocity and differential pressure, which was the start of their progression as a company towards thermography and thermal imaging.

The first Testo camera was unveiled in 2008, exceeding all expectations and fuelling Testo's rapid growth that year. This led to Testo intensifying investment into thermal imaging research and infrared camera development. This increase in focus on thermal cameras led to a number of infrared cameras being developed.

Testo cameras have been designed to offer maximum usability whilst delivering first class thermal imaging results, making it simple for you to carry out a wide range of thermography and infrared camera work.

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