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Electrical Test Equipment

Extech Test Equipment

As well as stocking cameras and accessories, we also supply a range of other electrical test equipment which can be used in conjunction with our infrared cameras.

We have a range of Extech products which complement your thermography and thermal inspection work. Using these alongside a FLIR thermal imaging camera it is possible to record electrical measurements directly onto a thermal image. This is done wirelessly through MeterLink (using Bluetooth connection), and can speed up thermal inspection immeasurably.

An Extech clamp meter can be used to measure voltage and current through all manner of industrial, mechanical and electrical equipment.

Alternatively, an Extech moisture meter can be used to detect excess moisture levels and relay this information onto your thermal image: perfect for carrying out building diagnostics and related electrical testing such as insulation maintenance or mould detection.

The Extech Home Inspection Kit is an ideal set of electrical test equipment for home inspection professionals to test HVAC supply/return applications and hot water systems among other things. We also supply the Extech Industrial Troubleshooting Kit for more advanced requirements.

Extech electrical test equipment offer a range of solutions to many electrical testing and thermal imaging camera inspection.