Thermal Drones (6 Products)

About Thermal Camera Drones

Developments in drone technology have been turned to the advantage of the building and utility sectors. When paired with a thermal camera these easy-to-operate drones can be used to conduct surveys on buildings, chimneys, wind turbines and live power lines. These drones can be used to identify heat loss from roofs, as well as detect water damage in buildings. 

As many of these drones can be operated remotely using a remote controller or via Wi-Fi using a tablet or smartphone, the operator is able to conduct inspections from a safe distance. Moreover, remote operation allows the user to send the drone to locations that are hard-to-reach/ inaccessible to humans; this is particularly useful for search and rescue operations. 

Please find within this category a selection of DJI drones equipped with FLIR's thermal cameras and technology. 

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