About Thermal & Night Vision Camera Headsets

A headset is an ideal way of taking notes and making observations in a fast, efficient way. Simply use a headset to record voice annotation whilst you work, and you can play back the recordings later for convenient analysis.

When carrying out thermal imaging, it can be time-consuming to take an image, analyse it, put down the camera and then write down notes. By using a headset, you can speed up thermography work by annotating as you go. Headsets let you record verbal commentary and analysis of the images you are seeing at that precise moment in time. As a result, you get more accurate notes in a shorter time.

Annotations are attributed to the individual image so that when viewed with FLIR software, each image has its own specific audio annotation which keeps things simple.

Thermal imaging camera headsets are ideal for those who wish to speed up note-taking or analysis of thermal images.

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