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FLIR E8 Pro with Free ITC Course

Free ITC Course or Software with the New FLIR E8 Pro

Quickly locate electrical, mechanical, and building problems

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FLIR A-Series Fixed Automation Thermal Cameras

FLIR A-Series Fixed Automation Thermal Cameras

Choose your lens and configuration options for complex monitoring systems

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Hikmicro Alpex Thermal Scope - Free CluLite

Free CluLite with Hikmicro Alpex Thermal Scopes

Winner of ‘The Great British Shooting Awards 2023’ NV product of the year (under £1500)

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Thermal Imaging Cameras

PASS-Thermal is the UK's premier supplier of thermal imaging solutions for everyone from electrical contractors to multinational firms.

We work closely with the world's premier thermal camera manufacturers - including Fluke, FLIR, Testo, Guide and many others - to bring you the best prices on extremely effective thermal devices and accessories that are designed to enhance your working experience and make painful testing experiences so much easier.

Every budget and need is catered for and we stock everything from low cost thermal cameras ideal for beginners to professional grade systems best suited to qualified thermographers. We also stock accompanying accessories made for use with thermal cameras including replacement thermal lenses, batteries and chargers, headsets, memory cards and accompanying software.

We've aimed to provide as much information as possible on each of our thermal cameras to ensure you get the information you need to reach an informed decision about which camera is right for your needs. If you have any questions whatsoever we also have a dedicated team of specialist thermographers on hand every weekday to help you with choosing the right unit.

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