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Our range of batteries and infrared camera chargers are perfect if you spend a lot of time using your thermal camera in the field. If you’ve ever lost battery charge during thermal imaging work, you will know how handy it is to carry an alternative power source.

We have mains battery chargers, desktop battery chargers and car chargers so that you can charge your thermal camera batteries wherever you need to. If you forget to charge your camera, you can always use a car charger using the cigarette lighter to charge on your way to a job to make the most of your working hours.

To match our extensive range of thermal imaging cameras, we stock a number of chargers and batteries:

  • Flir chargers
  • Flir batteries
  • Testo chargers
  • Testo batteries

By making use of a replacement battery, you can ensure that your camera always has enough power for the job. It sounds so simple, but many people overlook the need to ensure their thermography work is as efficient and productive as possible. By keeping your batteries fully charged, you can maximise the time spent in the field getting insightful and valuable images.

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