Thermography Training Courses

  1. Should Thermographers Open Electrical Panels Without Training?

    Before you consider opening an electrical panel to carry out a survey with a thermal imaging camera you should ask yourself the following questions: 1. Is the panel high voltage above (415 volts) or low voltage? If the answer is high voltage then you should not be opening the panel under any circumstances unless you are an authorised person; for more information see who specialise in high voltage training and run authorised person courses. Continue reading →
  2. Small Animal Thermal Imaging

    Recently we reported on the application of thermal imaging in equestrian sports and for Olympic horses. However, horses are not the only animals that can benefit from thermal imaging. Infrared cameras have recently been used to diagnose heath problems in small animals too. This makes the possibilities for thermal imaging much wider and also allows the use of thermal cameras to become a much more mainstream way of diagnosing problems. Continue reading →
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