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Thermal imaging cameras can take thousands of photographs. Infrared cameras can sometimes store a number of images on their internal memory, but not all models have this facility.

We offer a selection of memory cards for thermal cameras that can help you to keep your images stored safely and securely. By backing up your images onto a memory card, you can ensure that they are not accidentally deleted. It is also a good idea to back up images after each thermography project so that you do not run out of storage space during your next job.

Using memory cards is also a convenient way to mass transfer images onto a PC or laptop, where you can save and view the images quickly and clearly.

Not only does using memory cards free up storage space, but it can also act as a valuable way of storing images safely. We’ve all had corrupted data and been forced to wipe a memory card – by using thermal imaging camera memory cards as external storage, even if a PC or laptop becomes unusable, the cards will still have those important thermal images.

Whatever you use your's for, it’s a good idea to use memory cards with it even if it has internal memory.

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