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Fluke CLKT IR Window (Choice of Size)

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Install in electrical panels and use your thermal camera/digital camera to spot problems inside without opening!

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Fluke CLKT IR Window (Choice of Size)

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These IR windows are available in a choice of three sizes. Use the dropdown box above to make a selection!

Designed and engineered to the highest standards, Fluke's CLKT IR windows are resistance to arc flash, are certified for use outdoors and are easy to install into your existing electrical equipment.

With an IR window installed, you'll probably never have to put yourself at risk again by opening an electrical panel. By doing this, inspections can be carried out quickly, easily and with higher levels of safety than ever before.

Fluke CLKT IR Window Key Features

  • Resistance to arc flash up to 50kA for 30 cycles
  • Protects the user from harm when assessing the interior of electrical equipment
  • QuadraBand Optic technology - exclusive to Fluke IR windows, this allows four different camera types to be used
  • Certified by UL and CSA for type 3/12 (outdoor) environments in North America and SIRA certified for outdoor environments in Europe
  • CLIRVU coating prevents against moisture degradation
  • Unique identification plates for each camera

What's Included?

  • IR Window (Choice of Size)
  • Installation CD
  • Self-Adhesive Drilling Template
  • Security Access Key
  • Warranty Statement

Need more information? Find it in the full technical specification and reviews.

Technical Specification

Fluke CLTK Range Technical Specifications

Model3460346 FLK-050-CLKT3460387 FLK-075-CLKT3460439 FLK-100-CLKT
Crystal Insert Diameter 50mm (1.97") 75mm (2.96") 100mm (3.94")
Viewing Aperture Diameter 43mm (1.7") 68mm (2.7") 89mm (3.5")
Viewing Aperture Area 1452mm² (2.25 sq in) 3632mm² (5.62 sq in)
6322mm² (9.79 sq in)
Thickness 2mm (0.08") 2mm (0.08") 4mm (0.16")
Maximum Temperature Gaskets: 250°C (482°F)
Body: 659°C (219°F)
Optic: 1400°C (2552°F)
Gaskets Low smoke and fume (LSF) compliant silicone
IP Rating IP65
NEMA Rating Type 3/12 (UL and CSA Third-Party Certified)
Vibration Rating IEC60068-2-6
Humidity Rating IEC60068-2-3
Pull-Out Strength Up to 630kg (1388lb)
Warranty Lifetime replacement against manufacturing defects

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