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Fluke CV200/CV201 IR Window - 50mm

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See what's happening inside your electrical panels and be protected at all times from arc flash with Fluke's IR windows! Available with or without security key.

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Fluke CV200/CV201 IR Window

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Note: Available in two variations. The standard model is CV200, while the CV201 model comes with a security key locking system to prevent unauthorised use.

Designed for direct integration into electrical panels, Fluke's CV200 IR windows are compatible with all Fluke thermal cameras, give superior protection against the effects of arc flash and allow users to see what is happening inside panels without the need to remove the door.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the CV200 windows are incredibly simple to install. Just one engineer can install a window directly from the front of the panel with no rear access required and the window will even ground itself automatically upon installation to ensure safety when in use.

Each individual window is stamped with a unique identifier, making it easy to determine which window was used and allow records to be kept. As standard the window comes with a protective cover when its not in use and - if you purchase model CV201 - a security key locking system is included to prevent unauthorised access.

Fluke CV200/CV201 IR Window Key Features

  • Requires just one technician to install - one hole with standard Greenlee punch
  • Panel door doesn't need to be removed during installation
  • Ground instantly to the metallic enclosure with Fluke's patent-pending AutoGround process
  • Maintains panel arc test ratings up to 63kA when properly installed
  • Compatible with the full range of Fluke thermal cameras
  • Torture-tested to the highest arc blast test ratings: IEEE C37.20.7: 63 kA Arc tested at KEMA, UL 50/50E/50V, UL1558, IEC60529-1: IP67, IEC 60068, NEMA 4/12, CSA C22.2 NO. 14-13:2012, and C
  • Security key option available
  • Other sizes available

What's Included?

  • CV200/CV201 IR Window
  • Warranty Statement
  • Security Key (Model CV201 only)

Need more information? Find it in the full technical specification and reviews.

Technical Specification

Fluke CV IR Window Range Technical Specifications

Size 95mm (4in) 75mm (3in) 50mm (2in)
Voltage Range Any
NEMA Environment Type Type 4/12 (indoor/outdoor)
AutoGround Yes
ClirVu Optic Yes
Operating Temperature -40 to 232°C (-40 to 450°F) and 260°C (500°F) intermittent
Compatible with All Fluke Cameras Yes
Jam Nut Locking System Yes
Cover and Fastener Permanently Attached Yes
Single-Hole Install Yes
Hand Turn and Security Key Door Latch Options Yes
Visual Inspection and Fusion Capable Yes
Short/Mid/Long-Wave IR and UV Capable Yes
Ratings and Testing     
Arc-Tested (IEEE C37.20.7) 63kA for 30 cycles @ 60Hz at KEMA
UL 50V Component Recognition Yes
UL 50/NEMA Environmental Rating NEMA Type 4/12
UL1558 Yes
CSA C22.2 No. Yes
CSA Type Rating Type 4
IP Rating IP67 at TUV
Lloyds Register Up to 11kV marine switchgear, indoor or outdoor (offshore only)
Vibration Rating IEC60068-2-6 at TUV
Humidity Rating IEC60068-2-3 at TUV
Actual Mounting Hole Diameter Required 115.42mm (4.544in) 89.89mm (3.539in) 61.37mm (2.416in)
Greenle Punch Kit = Punch/Die 742BB = 2984AV/2983AV 739BB = 1431AV/1432AV 7BB = 441AV/442AV
Recommended Max Panel Thickness 10 gage
Overall Window Height 189.3mm (7.45in) 141.5mm (5.57in) 112.9mm (4.45in)
Overall Window Width 147.1mm (5.79in) 111.5mm (4.39in) 83.0mm (3.27in)
Overall Window Thickness 23.0mm (0.90in) 16.2mm (0.64in) 16.2mm (0.64in)
Door Latch Hand Turn Security Key Hand Turn Security Key Hand Turn Security Key
Optics Insert Diameter 95mm (3.74in) 75mm (2.96in) 50mm (1.97in)
Viewing Aperture Diameter 87.63mm (3.450in) 67.95mm (2.675in) 42.93mm (1.690in)
Viewing Aperture Area 6032 sq.mm (9.35 sq.in) 3626 sq.mm (5.62 sq.in) 1445 sq. mm (2.24 sq.in)
Thickness 4mm (0.16in) 2mm (0.08in)

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