Thermography Applications

  1. Thermal Imaging fortifies Border Surveillance

    An Associated Press investigation in early April documented 268 instances in which people hopped over, crawled under, drove cars through or otherwise breached the fences and gates protecting the perimeters of 31 of the busiest US airports from January 2004 through January 2015. Continue reading →
  2. Firefighters add Thermal Imaging to their Arsenal

    In a previous blog post, we reported how firefighters are now armed with thermal imaging equipment to help them detect thermal hotspots, see through smoke and identify the body signatures of people who might be trapped. Continue reading →
  3. Australia deploys Thermography in Hunt for Missing Flight MH370

    The Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia is examining thermal imagery of the Indian ocean from several additional satellites to measure the temperature of the surface of the ocean in the hunt for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Continue reading →
  4. Case Study - See Hot Spots in Context

    Using a thermal imaging camera to outline electronic components enhances electronic troubleshooting. The new FLIR E4 has proved to be a hot seller for PASS Ltd, the independent test equipment professionals. One particularly enthusiastic electronics engineer uses it to monitor the temperature of circuit boards for potential faults, by finding where heat sources are on a board. Continue reading →
  5. Media Escalates Thermal Imaging Wars

    They say that people in glass houses should not throw stones. By the same token, people in poorly insulated homes should not take thermal images of other poorly insulated building, lest they should find themselves with egg on their faces. Continue reading →
  6. Thermal Cameras In F1

    Thermal technology's uses are vast, expanding from everything from electrical analysis to testing buildings. The latest application sees this intuitive devices mounted on the front of Formula 1 racing cars. Continue reading →
  7. Thermal Cameras & Child Safety At Airports

    Outside of the movies, you'd not honestly expect children to go exploring in an airport's baggage handling system. Unfortunately several accidents of this type are reported every year in airports round the world, with curious children slipping away from their parents and in through the flaps of the airport's baggage system. Continue reading →
  8. Thermal Border Security

    In certain areas, immigration is a massive problem. People are constantly trying to sneak across borders into areas they’re not allowed to, and by using a thermal camera, border security patrols are able to clamp down on this like never before. Continue reading →
  9. Preserving Italy's Culture

    How do you preserve some of the finest creations of mankind? Simple: use a thermal imaging camera. Continue reading →
  10. Lying? Thermal Cameras Can Tell.

    Through the use of a thermal camera scientist types have found out some pretty interesting things about the human body. Continue reading →
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