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About Fluke Infrared Cameras

Fluke were founded in 1948 and since then have become one of the world leaders in manufacturing, distributing and servicing infrared cameras. Fluke cameras are perfect for a variety of tasks due to their high quality imagery, useful functions and above all, unwavering accuracy. The reliability of the units has led to a worldwide reputation of quality and consistency.

There are many different models available from Fluke, all with a variety of features and benefits to your thermography work. However, the quality that is associated with Fluke infrared cameras is present throughout the entire range.

Fluke's cameras are ideal for those looking to carry out predictive maintenance or preventative maintenance. The accuracy on offer in a Fluke infrared camera can save costly repairs down the line, as the infrared images from this range are sharp and easy to analyse

Fluke cameras are also quite rugged and durable, despite the level of technology contained within. They are compact and highly portable, allowing you to carry out thermography work wherever required whilst never compromising on picture quality.

Fluke's focus on performance, both in their cameras and accessories, means you will never be disappointed with the standard of their infrared camera products.

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