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About Hikvision Thermal Cameras

As a leading provider of innovative security products and solutions, Hikvision is dedicated to researching and developing core technologies such as thermal imaging, audio and visual encoding, video image processing and data storage.

Hikvision has been developing its thermal technology since 2008, creating ranges of thermal cameras optimised for various applications including security, maintenance, indoor and outdoor fire prevention, and body temperature screening.

Hikvision’s IR cameras include the company's signature bi-spectrum image fusion technology which combines features from thermal and optical images to provide a highly detailed hybrid picture. Furthermore, Hikvision is pioneering the fusion of thermal imaging and Al technologies in order to improve alarm accuracy in regards to perimeter defence and forest fire prevention. To this end, a selection of Hikvision’s thermal cameras, optimised for the aforementioned purposes, are equipped with innovative deep-learning algorithms for behaviour analysis, smoke and fire detection, and vessel identification.

Hikvision has R&D centres located in Montreal, London and five cities in China and its products are utilised in more than one-hundred and fifty countries. Hikvision’s focus on innovation means it is able to provide bespoke solutions to businesses and projects operating within public security, transportation, education, healthcare, finance and energy sectors. Hikvision has already provided solutions for Philadelphia recreation centres in the USA, the safe city project in Seoul, Dun Laoghaire Harbour in Ireland and the Bank of India.


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