Chauvin Arnoux Thermal Imaging Cameras (1 Product)

About Chauvin Arnoux Thermal Cameras

Chauvin Arnoux thermal imaging cameras are one of the most recognised and technologically advanced brands of infrared camera available. Founded in 1893 by Raphael Chauvin and Rene Arnoux, Chauvin Arnoux have filed over 350 patents in the field of photography and thermal imaging.

Creating the first ‘contrôleur universel’ in 1927, the design was copied the world over and was eventually seen as the precursor to the multimeter. Chauvin Arnoux patented the design but this did not stop competitors creating their own similar products. Chauvin Arnoux also invented the first current clamp in 1934, followed by the first exposure meter in 1936.

Continuing their prolific work in creating groundbreaking photography equipment, Chauvin Arnoux developed the first truly portable oscilloscope in 1959, known as the ‘Miniascope’, which was small enough to fit inside a briefcase. Their first digital multimeter was created in 1972, which was to be the beginning of Chauvin Arnoux's development of electronic and thermal imaging.

Modern Chauvin Arnoux thermal imaging cameras are very accurate and incredibly functional, providing users with high-specification infrared cameras for a wide range of thermography work. Their ongoing focus on continuing to develop revolutionary, groundbreaking photography instruments is the driving force behind the popularity of Chauvin Arnoux thermal imaging cameras.

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