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About FLIR Thermal Cameras

These cameras are synonymous with the very highest standards in thermography. Innovators in the field of thermography, they have a wide range of units which are all designed to make your thermal imaging simple.

Operating in over 60 countries worldwide, Flir have developed a number of infrared cameras which have varying functions and specifications – but which always contain high-specification thermal imaging technology.

An infrared camera is suitable for varying applications, and can be of use wherever thermal imaging or infrared imaging is required.

Each application has its own unique requirements, and we are certain to have a camera which is right for the job. All of Flir's cameras are lightweight, intuitive and simple to use – just point, shoot and detect. Many of the range require no previous training.

However, FLIR also cater for the specialist thermal imager and have a number of high-end cameras for the experienced thermographer.

As well as being able to take crisp, clear thermal images, FLIR software allows you to edit and control all of your data including images and annotations to create professional thermal imaging reports. These reports can be used to simplify information gathered during testing, as well as highlighting areas of importance or that need attention.

All in all, some of the top cameras available have been manufactured by Flir. The choice and range is excellent, whilst the performance of their entire infrared camera range is simply exceptional.

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