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About Thermal Imaging Cameras

We stock a wide range of cameras. We have the latest FLIR to choose from, as well as Pulsar, Testo, Hikmicro and Fluke. These are the best known thermal imaging camera manufacturers on the market, so we are confident that you will find the perfect camera for your requirements.

There are a variety of accessories available that ensure you get accurate results, such as lenses and tripods. A macro lens is ideal for small subjects or for times when extra detail is required. Conversely, a wide angle lens is suitable for large subjects such as buildings, whilst a telephoto lens allows thermal imaging work to be carried out from safe distances whilst remaining focused on smaller subjects, such as power lines.

Youll also find products which allow you to work on the move, no matter how busy your thermography schedule may be. Whether you are in the field or back at the office, we have thermal camera battery chargers to keep your thermal camera powered up. Our selection of desktop chargers, mains chargers and car chargers keep you switched on wherever you are, but you might like to consider a spare battery for your infrared camera to make sure that you are never without a power source.

We also have software to help you create professional reports using data from your thermal inspections.

Whatever you need to achieve peak performance with your infrared camera, make sure you come to us. If you'd like advice on any type of camera or which accessory best suits your needs just give us a call.

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