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Ex-Demo Thermal Cameras

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About Ex Demo, Used & Cheap Thermal Imaging Cameras

A cheap thermal imaging camera is hard to come by. If you are looking for a price on a thermal imaging camera, you no doubt are aware of the benefits they bring and their potential worth to your business.

However, not many businesses can afford to commit to such a large investment. If you are eager to carry out thermal imaging work as part of your business but your limited on budget, then why not consider purchasing an ex demo or used unit?

All of our ex demo infrared cameras are of exceedingly high quality and we offer guarantees that they are completely functional and 100% accurate.They come with a full 12 month warranty

There is no decrease in performance or condition with an ex demo camera: only the same insightful analysis for a fraction of the cost. Rather than renting a thermal imaging camera, buying a cheap unit from us means that you can determine a return on investment before upgrading or buying new.

We offer exceptional service, a good deal of choice and reliable advice as to which camera is right for you and if you are not happy then we have a 7 day money back policy.

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