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  1. Trade-In Your Old Thermal Camera for Something New

    If you are looking to update your current thermal imaging camera then why not trade-in your old model for a newer or upgraded model? PASS Ltd are offering you up to 20% off the purchase of a new thermal imaging camera when you trade-in your old one. Continue reading →
  2. Rudolf's Nose Spotted by Thermal Imaging

    We all know Rudolf is meant to have a red nose, but now it's been proven why thanks to the technology behind thermal cameras. Continue reading →
  3. Thermal Lens Technology Could Drop Prices

    Thanks to some rather handy new technology, the price of the lenses built for thermal imaging cameras could be cut dramatically both for the consumer, and also for the manufacturer. Continue reading →
  4. Temperature Rise of Motors and Transformers

    All machines produce heat when operating due to internal power losses. It is generally impractical to measure this heat rise with thermocouples or other temperature sensors, due to the majority of machines being sealed. The winding construction is normally of copper, which has a known temperature coefficient. By measuring the change in resistance of the winding, the temperature rise can...
  5. Thermal Imaging in Olympic Horses

    Thermal cameras help spot clinical problems in horses to help prevent serious injury. A trained thermographer or a vet can check the horse for injury or any weak/hot spots that are not otherwise visible to the naked eye. As this is a non intrusive method, any problems can be quickly and easily spotted without causing any distress to the animal. Continue reading →
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